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Offer of our Construction & Technology Office and the Research & Development Department

The offer of our Construction Office includes:

  • projects according to the Customer’s specifications or guidelines,
  • design and technological optimization of entire assemblies where various material and plastic elements work together to form the whole of a complex structure,
  • making prototypes in 3D printing technology,
  • making prototypes of target materials,
  • 2D executive documentation,
  • making design projects.

Offer of our Research and Development Department

We meet the growing expectations of our Customers who pay more and more attention to the carbon footprint of their products.

Our offer includes:

  • new material solutions based on recyclates and materials from renewable raw materials in accordance with the philosophy of the circular economy and reduction of CO2 emissions,
  • development of the structure and production technology of precise and thin-walled details meeting the required tolerances (wall thickness 0,4-0,6 mm).

Possible to achieve tolerance ranges for parts made of exemplary technical plastics such as PC / ABS, PA 6.10 / 10.10, PET, PBT, PPS, PAA, PPA, PAEK, POM.

Nominal dimensionPrecise
Maximal precision tolerance

Offer of production in small series and prototypes without the construction costs of the whole mold

  • attractive price
  • quantity up to 1,000 pcs
  • delivery time: 4-6 weeks depending on the degree of advancement of the part
  • significant reduction of the time from concept to receipt of the finished part
  • high precision and repeatable production accuracy
  • the possibility of testing various materials before making a final decision
  • the possibility of testing the part on the target injected plastic before mass production begins
  • the solution enables the production of details from all construction materials, high temperature materials and their composites
  • the part price includes a measurement in the form of a report from the GOM optical scanner in the GD&T system

Examples of visualizations for simple forming:
max dimensions of the detail 250 x 200 mm, max height 100 mm

For forming with sliders:
max dimensions of a detail 200 x160 mm, max height 60 mm,
max stroke of sliders 80 mm


The offer is addressed to Customers planning long term cooperation for whom one of the necessary stages is carrying out test series to verify and certify the finished product.

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